We design, manufacture, and operate bespoke unmanned systems to support researchers, businesses, and individuals alike.  Our aim is to provide you with a service or product that will simplify your operation and save you money.

Our service will be completely tailored to your needs.  Meaning, we will spend time to understand your operation and the associated complexities.  We will also talk with you to comprehend your vision for unmanned system and what they can offer you.  From there we will design, build, and operate the autonomous vehicle for you.

We pride ourselves on our capability to deliver land, water, and air based vehicles.  This offers us the flexibility to develop a system that will best meet your requirements, instead of attempting to force a non-optimal vehicle that is ill-suited to the task at hand.

We specialise in small scale, sub 25 kg, unmanned systems.  We proudly build all of our products on the open source platform Ardupilot.  Depending on the capability required, we will either use the current stable release of the firmware or apply custom additions to suit the operational requirements.

Our primary focus is delivering an end-to-end service for bespoke unmanned utility vehicles.  However, for those that are looking for additional support with their own development, we are happy to offer a consultancy service as well.  Check out our services page to see the full range of what we offer.

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