Step 1: Contact Us

If you have an idea for some way in which an autonomous or semi-autonomous system could benefit you or your business then get in touch via our contact us page.

We pride ourselves on our capability to offer vehicles of all kinds: planes, rovers, boats, submarines, multi-rotors, the list goes on.  So rest-assured that we will never attempt to force an inappropriate system to fit your problem.

Similarly, if we don't feel that an autonomous vehicle is suitable for your needs, we won't attempt to sell you a sub-standard solution.  Our focus will always be on delivering quality.

Step 2: Consultation

To deliver the best unmanned solution to your problem we want to understand your requirements well.  To do this we will arrange an obligation-free consultation.  This can be over the phone, video-call, or in person.  Dependant on your problem, we may need to follow this up with a site visit if your need the product to work in a specific or highly specialised environment.


Step 3: Quotation

Following your consultation, we will draw up a requirements capture document and a quotation.  This will be your opportunity to choose what type of service you would like from us.  We typically offer one of the following:

Operating Service

Our most popular option, in which we provide you with an operational service.  Our fully certified pilots operate the vehicle on your behalf.  We maintain the vehicle and continue to develop it, where necessary, to deliver the best quality service, saving you time and money.

This service is recommended for semi-autonomous systems, particularly airborne systems that require a CAA certified operator.

*Currently only available to UK based customers

Vehicular Service

This option is best for fully autonomous systems that require long or continuous deployments.  The vehicle will be owned and maintained by us, then provided to you on a rental basis to be operated by you.

Vehical Purchase

Following the development period.  Once the vehicle is operationally capable of fulfilling all of your requirements it will become wholly yours.  All of our vehicles are built upon the open-source platform Ardupilot and therefore are completely open to you to modify and improve as you see fit.  However, it is for this reason we do not offer service contracts on sold vehicles as we cannot support systems that have not been modified by us.